Appendix A. LPIC Level 2 Objectives

Table A.1. LPIC Level 201 - 205 Objectives And Their Relative Weight

2LPIC Level 2120
201Linux Kernel:
201.1Kernel Components2
201.2Compiling a kernel2
201.3Patching a kernel1
201.4Customising a kernel2
201.5Manage/Query a kernel3
202System Startup:
202.1Customising system startup and boot processes4
202.2System recovery4
203Filesystem and Devices:
203.1Operating the Linux filesystem4
203.2Maintaining a Linux filesystem3
203.3Creating and configuring filesystem options2
203.4udev Device Management1
204Advanced Storage Device Administration:
204.1Configuring RAID2
204.2Adjusting Storage Device access1
204.3Logical Volume Manager3
205Networking Configuration:
205.1Basic networking configuration3
205.2Advanced Network Configuration and Troubleshooting4
205.3Troubleshooting Network Issues5
205.4Notifying Users on System Related Issues1

Table A.2. LPIC Level 206 - 209 Objectives And Their Relative Weight

206System Maintenance:
206.1Make and install programs from source4
206.2Backup Operations3
207.1Basic Bind 9.x configuration2
207.2Create and maintain DNS zones2
207.3Securing a DNS server2
208Web Services:
208.1Implementing a web server3
208.2Maintaining a web server2
208.3Implementing a proxy server1
209File Sharing:
209.1Samba server Configuration4
209.2NFS server Configuration4

Table A.3. LPIC Level 210 - 213 Objectives And Their Relative Weight

210Network Client Management:
210.1DHCP configuration2
210.2PAM authentication3
210.3LDAP configuration2
211E-Mail services:
211.1Using e-mail servers3
211.2Managing local e-mail delivery2
211.3Managing remote e-mail delivery2
212System Security:
212.1Configuring a router3
212.2Securing FTP servers2
212.3Secure shell (SSH)4
212.5Security tasks3
213.1Identifying boot stages and troubleshooting bootloaders4
213.2General troubleshooting5
213.3Troubleshooting system resources5
213.4Troubleshooting environment configurations5
214Capacity planning:
214.1Measure Resource Usage4
214.2Troubleshoot Resource Problems4
214.3Analyze Demand1
214.4Predict Future Resource Needs3

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