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1. Advanced Storage Device Administration


What is RAID?

RAID is a method by which information is spread across several disks, using techniques to achieve redundancy, lower latency and/or higher bandwidth for reading and/or writing to disk, and maximize recoverability from hard-disk crashes.

What is RAID?


Is it true that using linear RAID increases the level of redundancy?

No, in fact it decreases reliability -- if any one member drive fails, the entire array cannot be used.

Linear RAID


How would you automate RAID activation after reboot using mdadm.conf, if it exists?

Run mdadm --assemble -s in one of the startup files.

Automate RAID activation after reboot


What is the objective of using Logical Volume Management (LVM)?

It enables you to concatenate several physical volumes (hard disk, etc) to a so-called volume group, forming a storage pool.

Configuring Logical Volume Management


What is a Logical Volume (LV)?

A Logical Volume is created based on a number of Physical Extents (PE) taken from a Volume Group (VG) on top of which a filesystem can be built.

Logical Volume (LV)

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